Creating value from plastic waste since 2020

At the Precious Plastic Cincy design studio, we create art that encourages people to rethink waste.

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Our Story

90% of plastic is NOT recycled. SHOCKING isn’t it? The truth is unsettling and that geared us to take action.

We started in a small warehouse in Cincinnati experimenting with plastic and discovered the boundless possibilities of repurposing plastic waste, without the need to convert it back to raw materials.

Running with that vision we shaped our company around it. At Precious Plastic Cincy we utilize our creative passions to educate, inspire, and innovate a fresh perspective on plastic waste.

Our Values


By redefining waste, we aim to conserve the finite resources we have left on this earth.


As thought leaders in the industry, we strive to make innovation a priority


We educate people on the limitless potential of plastic, by openly demonstrating our creative process.

Meet the Team

Cyrina Thomas


Bringing together a group of people to fulfill our mission.

Our Impact

500+ of Volunteers hours

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500 hrs

600 hrs

Worked with 10+ student designers

0 Students

10 Students

15 Students

Processed 500+ pounds of plastic

0 lbs

500 lbs

600 lbs